Papers published in Environmental Engineering journal

Selected papers have been published in Environmental Engineering journal.

Following papers have been published:

Konrad Kiš: Unrecognised Conflicts Between the Utilization of Natural Resources and NATURA 2000: Easement of Forests and Forest Land for the Raising of Perennial Crops – Case Study Dubrovnik-Neretva County

Aleksandra Anić Vučinić, Lana Krišto, Ivana Melnjak, Lucija Radetić: The role of environmental impact assessment in rehabilitation and conversion of exploitation fields

Goran Lončar, Domagoj Vranješ, Ivana Tomašević, Katarina Čović, Ivana Buj, Goran Dašić, Lovorka Korica: Possibilities of mitigating water regulation and flood protection structures impact on riparian ecosystems

Valerija Butorac, Goran Lončar, Martina Cvitković, Domagoj Vranješ: Geoecological evaluation within environment impact assessment studies–Example of: Hydropower plants Kosinj and Senj 2

Papers, and as well entire journal are available here.